Betty & Earl’s

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Burger Dive

A dive bar used to mean bad food in a dingy dark room, but in the small kitchen of an iconic Twin Cities dive bar, Chef Nick O’Leary has created a menu of delicious bar snacks and burgers made from a custom grind at Burger Dive. Now with a second location inside POTLUCK at Rosedale Center, O’Leary proves that a … Read More


Chef Justin Sutherland has partnered with local restaurateur Leo Judeh to launch Chickpea. This vegetarian option is a build-your-own, starting with hummus (roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, or plain) and then adding different toppings: feta, zahtar, cucumbers, olives, fried chickpeas and much more. They will also feature fresh salads.  Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm Sunday 11am-6pm

Grand Ole Creamery

When they first opened their doors, Prince’s “When Doves Cry” was the number one song on the radio and“Ghostbusters” was playing in movie theaters. 35 years later, The Grand Ole Creamery is still churning out creative and delicious ice cream flavors and those signature sweet-smelling, hand-rolled, malted waffle cones with a Whopper in the bottom of each one.  Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm … Read More

Nordic Waffles

Nordic Waffles signature batter produces thinner, softer, crepe-like waffles made from real, high-quality ingredients. Nordic Waffles continues to grow in coffee shops, cafés, hotels and amusement parks around the world. Stine and her team continue to innovate and create new and interesting flavors like the Pebbles & BamBam, which debuted at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair, generating a buzz amongst … Read More


A build-your-own concept: choose either miso, tonkotsu, or shiitake broth, pick soba, udon, or ramen noodle, add Japanese fried chicken, pork belly, or tofu. Obachan, the Japanese word for Grandmother, pays homage to Sutherland’s own grandmother, who is of Japanese descent and will be opened in her honor.  Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm Sunday 11am-6pm

Smack Shack

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